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Graph Patch™ labels are available in a wide variety of graph styles for multiple levels of math and science courses.  The adhesive allows for repositioning of the label to ensure a proper placement. 
Teachers across the country applaud their ease of use in interactive
student notebooks as well as handouts and assessments to help
students learn to graph with ease and accuracy.

Graph Patch™ self-adhesive graph labels help students:

  • Eliminate attached pages of graph paper
  • Attach graphs next to calculations or within report text
  • Strive for accuracy


Graph Patch™ self-adhesive graph labels help teachers:

  • Create reproducible worksheets and exams
  • Facilitate correcting and grading
  • Promote neatness and accuracy

In the future, we hope to set up online purchasing.  As of now, please complete the form below and mail, email, or fax to the contact information provided on the form.

Link to Product Guide and Order Form

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