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Our Story

Graph Patch adhesive graph labels were born out of a parent’s frustration while working with his child on math homework – a graphing assignment.


I was that frustrated parent and I found that instead of using graph paper, my son had drawn crude coordinate grids directly on his homework paper. He was attempting to plot graphs, and was becoming more frustrated by the minute. We tried cutting a small square of graph paper and gluing it to the homework sheet. This worked but took too long for an already frustrated student.


It was then that I was struck by a simple idea. Why not use small pieces of adhesive-backed paper with

various coordinate grids printed on the front surfaces?  We made some samples and the result was an instant success. My son easily peeled off a “patch” and slapped it down on his homework sheet. In just a few seconds and without frustration he was plotting accurate points and lines right next to his calculations.  We decided right then - these would be called “Graph Patches.”


The next day, my son’s math teacher saw the Graph Patches on his homework page. She immediately recognized how easy it would be for students to incorporate graphs into a homework sheet. She immediately asked my son to get her some of those “Graph Patches.”


Over the past 25 years we have sold millions of labels across the United States, and regularly receive notes from teachers and parents extolling the popularity and ease of these products. The range of comments sharing the benefits of Graph Patch labels span from elementary, middle, and high school staff as well as college level professors.  


Thank you for taking the time to get to know our products and learning more about how they can benefit your students.  If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know on our website.

Chuck Tschanz, Founder

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